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Athletics provide a powerful opportunity for building good character. Skills like work ethic, teamwork, leadership, and integrity contribute to the short-term success of the athlete and team and the long-term development and success of the individual. 

Coaches and administrators can use athletics and activities to teach critical character skills that impact team performance and individual growth. Our team will be your guide throughout your efforts.

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Our team can assist you in evaluating your needs and selecting the services that will help meet your goals. 

Pursuing Victory with Honor

Understanding the culture of your team is the essential first step towards getting the competitive edge.

The Sport Team Culture survey gathers parallel data from athletes and coaches. It can provide insight into:

  • your team culture among athletes,
  • the coaching practices that shape how your athletes treat each other, and
  • how your athletes prepare to compete.

Learn more about our assessment opportunities.

In our Pursuing Victory With Honor workshop, participants will learn research-based strategies to turn values into behaviors and develop implementation plans to Teach, Enforce, Advocate, and Model the Six Pillars of Character on their teams.

Our team can work with you and discuss:

  • best practices,
  • brainstorm ideas to Teach, Enforce, Advocate, and Model the Six Pillars,
  • receive feedback on CC! lessons, and
  • answer your questions.

Consultations are a great way to keep your CC! program on-track and provide your team with new ideas to help make your CC! program successful.

We offer a variety of character education curricular resources in our online store, including:

  • resilience and inclusion lesson pack,
  • daily activities,
  • lesson plans,
  • awareness products like posters, banners, wristbands, and pencils.

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Our online lesson plan library provides character education lesson plans that can be filtered by grade level and topic.

Check out our Digital Classroom.

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Coach - Character Education

Success Stories

"Jeff did a phenomenal job engaging such a large group at the end of a long day on the computer screen. It was pertinent and relevant. The examples used were timely. The tools given were very invaluable resources. It was a phenomenal presentation!"
Downey Unified School District
Downey, CA.
"The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center played an instrumental role in developing The Bulldog Way - the cornerstone for Drake Athletics' culture of success. Their expertise and keen ability to listen and hone in on what’s important, helped to shape a culture for coaches, student-athletes and staff that fostered optimal performance on and off the playing field. "
Sandy Hatfield Clubb
Sandy Hatfield Club

Former Athletic Director
Drake University
"This is truly stuff that will help us."
Dr. William Watson
Dr. Bill Watson

Athletic Director
Urbandale High School, IA
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“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.”

-Knute Rockne

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Athletics - Character Education

Building Culture

Your strategy will never outperform your culture. All of the drills and practice plans in the world won’t overcome poor work ethic, bad teamwork, or a lack of accountability.
Your job as a leader is to create a culture that encourages positive behaviors and develops the character needed for your team to perform at its best.

Resource Highlights

The ESSENTIALS – A Key to a Competitive Edge

The ESSENTIALS is a research-based character and leadership development resource designed for coaches and educators working with middle and high school-aged youth. 

The ten focus areas in The ESSENTIALS series represent critical competencies to achieve competitive success, team cohesion, and individual development. 

Resilience and Inclusion: Digital Resources

Students need resilience strategies to address personal adversity (like injuries and mistakes) and societal challenges (like lack of equity and inclusion). Each lesson in this series includes research-based resources that students can apply to all aspects of their life. Educators and students will learn strategies to become leaders who positively influence change in their classrooms, teams, and communities. This series is designed for middle and high school-aged youth.

This curriculum features four lessons:

  • Stress Management and Mental Health
  • Overcoming Obstacles with a Growth Mindset
  • Creating an Inclusive Culture
  • Taking Ownership of Your Actions, Decisions, and Mistakes