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CHARACTER COUNTS! Implementation Survey (CCIS)

The success of any character education program is directly tied to the fidelity and consistency of its implementation. The CHARACTER COUNTS! Implementation Survey, developed in partnership with Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) at Iowa State University, can help you assess the current status of your CC! implementation, and plan for continuous improvement.

Who: Data is collected and reported for individual schools

Objective: Evaluate the depth of your CC! implementation and identify areas for improvement.

How: The CCIS is an online survey taken by either the individual most responsible for CC! implementation or your CC! team or committee, resulting in a single report per school. We recommend that a school complete at least one year of CC! implementation before taking the survey. The survey can then be taken annually. A consultation to review data and next steps is available for an additional fee.

The survey measures your CC! implementation in seven key areas:

  • Leadership and Planning
  • Staff Development and Support
  • Program Integration
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Safe and Supportive Climate
  • Family and Community Partnerships

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CHARACTER COUNTS! Implementation Assessment

CHARACTER COUNTS! Culture of Excellence and Ethics Assessment (CEEA)


Who: Data is collected and reported for individual schools

Objective: The CEEA will help you analyze the following components of your culture and climate:

  • Student learning and development/staff teaching practices
    • student safety and well-being
    • learning/teaching for excellence
    • integrity, responsibility, and citizenship

  • Staff professional capacity and community
    • trust and support
    • professional growth and collaboration
    • collective responsibility for goals and objectives

  • Community connectedness and partnership (optional)
    • communication and participation
    • partnership for student learning
    • partnership for student social development
School Culture Assessment

How: The CEEA is an online survey taken by students and staff, with an optional parent assessment available for an additional fee. Schools receive a summary report comparing student and staff perceptions on student learning and development and staff teaching practices, and staff perceptions of staff professional capacity and community. Schools that elect to take the report annually, receive reports comparing data from year 1 to year 2 so that growth and improvement can be easily tracked. Consultation to review data and next steps is available for an additional fee to target areas in need of improvement.

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The CEEA is recognized as a valid and reliable instrument by OSDFS experts, CEEA surveys are included in the federal School Climate Survey Compendium at The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE).

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